4th Annual Shqiptare Paintball Event

Dec 29, 2013
11:00 AM till 5:00 PM

2309 Aldine Meadows Rd
Houston Texas, 77032

This is our FOURTH ANNUAL ALBANIAN PAINTBALL EVENT. Our venue has over 4-5 historical war fields. If you have come before, you know how much fun and competitive we get.Come join us for comradeship and pelt someone with welts in a healthy stress release. If you come hungover form Saturday night... be warned you will be targeted as the weak one, Bambi ! http://paintballstoreinc.com/sg/fields.htm 2309 Aldine Meadows Rd Houston, TX 77032 (281) 442-2284 When: Sunday Morning. December 29th 2013. Where: Survival Game of Texas. Time: 11:00 @ venue. Lunch: Adriatic Cafe Reservations for 25+ Attendees Carpooling : Beso ( West) & Dardan ( North) & Hermes (Central). Jani ( South). Contacts: Beso & Dardan & Jani Tips: Wear something long & loose. Comfortable shoes. Possible gloves. Possible beanie to keep paint away from hair. Bring about 60 bucks. *** Protective padding for your go-nads ! Cost : 1) $15 Adm fee = >using all their equpt{all you bring is $$$} but You have buy their paint. 2) $19.95 You have your own equpt and BRING YOUR OWN PAINT { best deal if you have your own equpt}.

Cost: $ N/A
More Info: Call 7133033766