BESA: The Promise at Nashville Film Festival

Apr 20, 2014
4:00 PM till 5:45 PM

3815 Green Hills Village Drive
Nashville Tennessee, 37215

BESA: The Promise is honored to be one of the films selected for the Nashville Film Festival. BESA: The Promise weaves Albaniaду»s heroism in WWII through the vн©ritн© journeys of two men. One is Norman Gershman, a renowned Jewish-American photographer determined to document first-person accounts of the Albanian Muslims who rescued Jews during the Holocaust. The other is Rexhep Hoxha, a Muslim-Albanian. Rexhep must fulfill the promise made to a Jewish family his father rescued during the Holocaust and return to them a set of Hebrew books they left behind. And Rexhepду»s promise is more than words дуо itду»s part of his besa дуо an honor code that, among other things, pledges all Albanians to offer safe harbor to refugees. With Normanду»s help, Rexhep embarks on a journey to Bulgaria and Israel. His quest brings about an epiphany that he is part of this Jewish family дуо even as his Islamic faith, long supressed under decades of communism, is affirmed. Through the stories of Rexhep and his fellow Muslims, we discover a nation of everyday heroes far removed from the narrative of violent Islam and anti-Semitism thatду»s so often portrayed in media today. And, through the experiences of Norman Gershman and the first-person accounts of Jewish survivors, we hear stories of gratitude to Muslim rescuers that have gone unheard for almost seventy years. More than seven years in the making, Besa: The Promise presents a powerful human drama compounded by a devastating twist. It is a story that that bridges generations and religions ду_ uniting fathers and sons ду_ Muslims and Jews.

Cost: $ TBD